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Bodrum Leleg Route Trekking Tour

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Slider 1 Initial region Bodrum
Slider 1 Duration 1 Day
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Leleg Route Trekking Tour Guide

Leleg Trekking Tour

Private Leleg Trekking Tour Organisation


Bodrum Leleg Route is a marked trail of Bodrum and Bodrum Leleg Yolu is peninsula’s first hiking trail, inspired by the Leleg  tribe. trekking itineraries

1 Day Trekking itinerary: 

Trekking tour starts after meeting Overland Travels private trekking guide nd vehicle meeting. We trek through ancient paths to Sibda mountain with its ancinet fortress walls. Then to the abandoned village of Kirel. Level of difficulty: Medium Start 283m. Max 597m Gain 287m. Total distance 6 to 11 km. Features: The path leads through natural beauties to the ancient settlement of Sibda with a panoramic view. There are panoramic views from the top of mountain almost 360 degrees. Then we will go through mountain paths to ancient Pedesa where we will visit the Acropolis. And then we will walk to bodrum and meet our vehicle and transfered to hotel yacht or villa back. 

2 Days trekking itinerary:

3 Days leleg trekking itineraries:

7 Days trekking itinerary:

Bodrum Pedasa Trekking

Trekking between, Pedesa ancient city and Gebe kilise Tomb

Konacık cukursarnıc pedasa leleg route private tour


Trekking tour guide

Private return  transfer from hotel villa or yacht to start  point and back





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Leleg route trekking tour 

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