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In The Footsteps of Hittites

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Slider 1 Initial region Hattusa
Slider 1 Duration 1 Day
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        In the Footsteps of Hittites - Private Day Tour

  • Alacahoyuk
  • Hattusa
  • Yazilikaya

In the Footsteps of Hittites - Private Day Tour


Visit the World Famous UNESCO Sites Hattusa, Alacahoyuk and Yazilikaya with a Private Guide


The glorious ancient peoples, Hittites founded the first kingdom of Anatolia around 1800 BC. For hundreds of years, they had been the rivals of Egyptians as the two major powers of the world.


The seat of their long-lived kingdom was Hattusa where archaeologists found thousands of red-clay cuneiform tablets with an enormous variety of topics inscribed on them including the first written treaty and the first written correspondence between the two empresses in the world. The ever glorious Hittite capital covers a massive area of 250 acres.


Yazilikaya (Turkish: inscribed rock) was a holy sanctuary for the Hittites. It has two chambers bearing the incredible inscriptions of the Hittite deities.


Alacahoyuk (Turkish red tumulus) was a settlement dating back to the Copper Age (5500 BC) where Hittites also settled. The royal tombs (circa 2350 bc) are one of the most sees of the region.


1. Meet at hotel or airport

2. Drive to Hittite area

3. Visit the Unesco site Hattusa

4. Visit Yazilikaya

5. Lunch at a local restaurant

6. Visit Hattusa Archeological Museum

7. Visit Alacahoyuk tumulus

8. Visit Alacahoyuk’s Museum which showcases the artifacts obtained onsite.

9. Return home

  • Private Guide
  • Private Driver
  • Minivan, petrol, entrance fees
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses
Trip Information

Please let us know from where you want to take this tour. We could pick you from Cappadocia or Ankara and drop either city at the end of the tour

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